Product Development

It doesn’t mater if you are a designer, supplier or retailer, it is important to have a clear and organized product development process. We can work together to review and risk asses product design from concepts at the start of the development cycle, and managing the development process through final production and monitoring the consumer feedback after the product goes on sale.


We can help you to find the reliable, flexible and cost-effective suppliers in China, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world to give your company a tailored solution. Our team will analyze your requirements and customize our service based on your needs.


We operate multiple manufacturing facilities throughout China and Southeast Asia where we can service our customer on a factory direct model. We will partner with your company to produce smaller trial production run to test out the market before product roll out. Our facility is ISO9001 certified and complies with all major social compliance to ensure that we can pass customer factory audits.

Quality Assurance

We understand that good quality products is vital to the long term success of any company. We have a wealth of knowledge and can help you with:

  • Setting mandatory and non-mandatory product performance requirements and perform in-line and also product final inspection
  • Setting detailed product specifications, product marking, labelling and packaging requirements
  • Review of product technical files and test certification.
  • Project management of product testing programs with 3rd party test houses.
  • Assembly Instructions, labelling packaging and product branding